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Global Partners in Chemical Vapour Deposition R&D, Engineering and Consultancy

ATL was established 37 years ago with a focussed vision of providing solutions to extreme environment coating solutions using CVD and related processes. We have now worked throughout the world to solve over 250 coating challenges, covering a full range of industries, and worked with some of the worlds leading companies utilising a large segment of the periodic table. With expertise in research, development, systems engineering and consultancy we would love to bring our depth and breadth of experience to solve your challenge.

CVD in Jet Engines

ATL has been involved in the development of CMC technology for use in jet engines – which will lead to far lighter, more fuel efficient engines as shown in this video from GE.

CVD in Power Generation

The ability of coated material to enhance the physical properties of the substrate means it is used in the most extreme envrionments such as nucelar power generation as illustrated by GA

CVD in Space Exploration

Exploring the extreme environment of space has seen other uses for CVD such as the development of Ramjet/Scramjet technology

Building a CVD Machine in 1 minute

This time lapse video produced with ForschungsZentrum shows the construction of CVD machine. In real life it takes rather longer….

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