System Engineering and Consultancy

All CVD systems in theory are very similar and have the common core components.

But over 35 years we have found the practical implementation of these systems to bring a wide range of challenges.   According to the system size, and materials used the practical implementation of high quality systems has led to wide range of different engineering solutions.

ATL develops, designs & builds all types of CVD reactor. These range in size from experimental tube reactors 50mm in diameter to production reactors up to 2m in diameter. ATL markets and builds its full systems in partnership with Ionbond AG. IonBond are a worldwide coating specialist company with its HQ in Olten, Switzerland. ATL specialises in production CVD reactors in 2 main areas:

  1. High Temperature, low pressure (HT-LP) reactors for production of ceramic coatings and ceramic matrix composite materials (CMCs).
  2. IVA & CVA branded reactors  for aluminising of nickel superalloy turbine components.

Should you wish to view previous examples of ATL’s work, then please view the reference library.