Our Customers

Over the years we have worked on over 300 projects with many customers. Some of our better-known customers include those shown here. Applications range from rocketry, to aerospace, to motor cars, to biomedical, to electronic, to diamond coating, to specialist braking components, to the semiconductor industry and specialist coatings for military use…

Welcome to ATL!

ATL was established 35 years ago with a focussed vision of providing solutions to extreme environment coating solutions using CVD and related processes. We have now worked throughout the world to solve over 300 coating challenges, covering a full range of industries, and worked with some of the worlds leading companies utilising a large segment of the periodic table.

With expertise in research, development, systems engineering and consultancy we would love to bring our depth and breadth of experience to solve your challenge.

So, whether your current budget is $5,000 or $5 million please do get in touch – we love a challenge!